Maternal Support

Who we are - the team at Cocoon

Louise Moxon - Managing Director & Founder of Cocoon

Louise MoxonI am 40 and married with two young children. I suffered severe postnatal depression after each of their births. Prior to having children, I helped set up and subsequently became CEO of a retail cosmetic business selling both products and treatments. Before establishing Cocoon I completed and passed the two day 'MNT Sleep Training Course' and MNT Postnatal Depression Course held by Liz Wise at Reading University.

Brenda Hart - Sleep Consultant/Cocoon's Practical Trainer/Night Nanny

Brenda HartI can honestly say that I am as enthusiastic about my job now as I was the day I qualified in 1979. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a mum sing your praises because her child is now sleeping through the night, or the family ask you to come and be their night nanny again because they valued your support and advice the first time round. It makes my job the best job in the world!

Whether it is waking at night, irregular naps, or early risers you will be supported by an experienced night nanny and sleep consultant.

Liz Wise - UK's Leading Postnatal Depression Counsellor/Trainer

Liz WiseI experienced severe postnatal depression after the birth of both my daughters and have been counselling and supporting families with postnatal depression for the past eighteen years. I have a diploma in humanistic counselling, I represent the National Childbirth Trust in postnatal depression and am a committee member of The Association for Postnatal Illness.

Annabel Grant - General Manager and Head of HR

Annabel GrantI am a mother of two young children. When our first daughter was born we employed a maternity nurse through Cocoon. She was both my guide and my rock through the early stages of motherhood. Everything was new and exciting but also a little anxiety driven and our nurse provided me with the stability  and guidance I required during this time. She also left me with the tools and routine I needed to continue once she had finished her term with us. I adore children of all ages and have found being a mother one of the most rewarding but challenging jobs I have had so far. Each stage of my children's development has been a wonderful journey and continues to be so.

Georgiana Monckton

Georgiana is a mother of two children, who are now in their 20's. She is a qualified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner with 15 years' experience. She is based in South West London, Georgiana treats her clients in a relaxing home environment with her uniquely warm, down to earth manner. Georgiana is also a published author. In her book, Dear Isobel, Georgiana gives a raw yet inspirational account of the trauma of losing her first daughter - who died tragically just before her second birthday - and her journey to come to terms with the loss.

~ Louise Moxon - Founder of Cocoon was personally treated by Georgiana and this is her testimonial:

Having experienced Reiki during a time of deep stress and anxiety I found after each and every treatment more relaxed, able to sleep better at night and definitely felt more balanced as a person.  I can't speak more highly of Reiki particularly those people who suffer from Depression and anxiety.  Georgiana is a miracle worker!