Maternal Support


Louise Moxon with her children

Thank you for your quick response and being extremely supportive. It has been helpful to speak to someone who understands PND, really understands. In fact you are the first person.

~ Fiona Brown, North London

Laura the Night Nanny you sent us is fantastic with the twins. So great is Laura that she will continue to work indefinitely for us. We are so pleased to have her available to us. She is calm, relaxed and just gets on with it.Thank you to Cocoon.

~ Mr and Mrs Rees, North London

Thank you for all your help in finding Helga. She is truly fantastic. She has made such a difference to our lives.

~ Rachel Lyle, Oxford

Thank you to Cocoon for sending us Karen. She is great, incredibly gentle, well organised, does lovely baby massage and is very knowledgeable. What an amazing recommendation.

~ Kent Family, West Sussex

Thank you for taking the time to help me as I was feeling so sleep deprived. The Maternity Nurse you sent was a complete superstar. She did an amazing job. What a great person to have on your books! Thank you again.

~ Louise Simmons, West Kensington

Thank you for always checking in with me and for all your advice and support with PND and for helping me find such an amazing maternity nurse.

~ PND Client, North London

I called Cocoon on a Sunday night when my daughter had to be rushed to hospital the following morning and I didn't want to have to take my newborn. Louise sent me a wonderful Night Nanny to help me during the day and night. Thank you for your help and calmness in a crisis situation. I would and will recommend you again and again.

~ Camilla Luard, West London

Thank you for your help in finding Nicola. She is an excellent Night Nanny and so professional.

~ Andrew, South West London

Brenda, the Sleep Trainer you sent me has a made big difference in our lives already! She gave me back my confidence. I'm now back on my own 2 feet and I believe it radiates on Gabor's wellbeing. Only someone that has been there could have created something so great as Cocoon.

~ Charlotte Goblet d'Alviella, North London

I called Cocoon after they were highly recommended just before Christmas. I was calling pretty last minute so I was sure all the Night Nannies would be busy which they were but Louise very kindly said she would come out herself as she really wanted to help me out. It was the first time my husband & I had been out since Manu was born and we couldn't have wished for anyone better to look after him. A huge thank you to Louise for rescuing me and looking after our little one. It was a real life saver!

~ Sophie Cronin, Battersea