Maternal Support
Baby sleeping thanks to a Night Nanny

Get a good night's sleep! Your Night Nanny will not only care for your baby, but will also guide your child to sleep through the night.

Your nanny will not only care for your child, but will also guide your child to sleep through the night. Cocoon advise parents to book a night nanny prior to giving birth particularly as you may wish to have the same nanny for the entire period. You can employ the same Cocoon night nanny for between 1 and 7 nights a week up to a maximum of 3 months. (Longer periods to be negotiated with Cocoon.)

It is hard for me to put into words just how grateful I am to Cocoon for the ongoing support and invaluable advice. Our night nanny helped me keep my sanity and the twins are thriving! Thank you so much for everything!

~ Hannah Crewe

A Cocoon Night Nanny is qualified to provide:

A Cocoon night nanny's normal working hours are 9pm to 7am or 10pm to 8am. Our night nannies are flexible so if longer or different hours are required then this can be pre-arranged directly with your nanny. Please note that a Cocoon night nanny does not provide domestic cleaning or laundry unless pre-arranged with Cocoon.

Louise has been a real treasure. We have found three nannies (day, night and temp) through her and were very impressed with the quality and friendliness of the nannies she was able to send us, and her very own active involvement in meeting our needs as they have evolved.

~ Joseph Holderness, North London