Maternal Support
Breastfeeing a baby thanks to breastfeeding counselling

Cocoon UK has chosen to work alongside one of the most revered experts in Breastfeeding, Clare Byam-Cook who is a trained midwife and nurse. 

Whenever I refer patients to Clare I am confident that, if the problem can be solved, she will solve it. Her expertise and calm, confident manner has provided help and reassurance to countless mothers over the years.

~ Dr Tim Evans (Royal physician)

Clare Byam-CookClare has worked as a Breast-feeding specialist since 1989 and previously worked as a midwife at Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital in London.

Clare has written articles for Baby Magazines and has made many appearances on both radio and television such as BBC Breakfast & This Morning just to name a few.

Clare has written several books and recorded a DVD which Cocoon UK highly recommends to any mother wanting to either breast feed or bottle feed:

If you live in London Clare can visit you at home or in hospital.  To book a consultation with Clare please call 020 3287 4633.

I was desperate for help with breastfeeding the day I arrived home from the Portland with my newborn son. I spoke to Cocoon and they were able to get a fantastic maternity nurse, with breastfeeding expertise, out to me the very next day. She is still helping me to care for my son 10 weeks later and I have used Cocoon for other support too - often at short notice. Cocoon truly has been the best find!.

~ Fiona, North London

With Mia I had real problems getting her to latch on and was close to giving up when I got advice from Clare. I just can't praise her enough - she has a really straightforward way of describing the latching on technique and has managed to get mothers breastfeeding when they really thought they would never get it.

~ Kate Winslet (Baby & You Magazine)

Clare's book should be handed out with the first contraction. Clare is a true 'baby whisperer', who will save you and your baby hours of torment. Her kind, common-sense and amazingly informed advice was as essential to me as breastpads and chocolate.

~ Kate Beckinsale