Maternal Support
Mother and child playing together

Cocoon has been established as a unique service to all mothers and their families to provide both practical and emotional support in the build up to and following birth of your child.

Why Cocoon?

This may be your first or subsequent pregnancy and at this very exciting time you want to be able to experience the wonderful joy without the worries and stresses of wondering how you are going to cope after giving birth. Postnatal Depression Course.

Cocoon are able to provide you with a choice from the following:

Do you think you may suffer from Postnatal Depression?

I was falling apart, I couldn't sleep or eat, I cried all the time, I was stricken with anxiety, all the other mummy's seemed fine. I was afraid to tell anyone how I felt. I thought it was just me being a failure - a bad mother.

~ A mother

The Founder of Cocoon, Louise Moxon battled with postnatal depression (PND) following the birth of both her children. After the suffering that she and those closest to her endured during these bouts of PND she realised the importance of being able to have the support of nannies qualified in postnatal depression.