Maternal Support

Cocoon Fees


There is a one off Registration fee for all of Cocoon's services. Even if you have a subsequent pregnancy you will NOT be required to pay additional registration fees.†This registration fee also entitles each client to a Cocoon Night Nanny for as many weeks as required for a period of up to 3 months, subject to the nightly rates below.

Night Nanny and Maternity Nurse Registration Fees† £100
All of Cocoon's other Services Registration Fees £80
Postnatal Depression Advice/Support† FREE

We will make an additional booking charge for either a night nanny or maternity nurse. These charges are payable at the time of booking and must be paid by Bank Transfer.†If you decide you wish to reduce or cancel the booking 72 hours notice is required.†A refund will then be made to your bank account.

Night Nanny £20 per Night
Maternity Nurse† £100 per Week

All of Cocoon's team are self employed and liable for their own Tax and National Insurance.†All travel expenses must be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

The Nanny Fees (payable directly to the Nanny)

Night Nanny

Fees vary according to the number of babies the Cocoon Night Nanny is responsible for.††

Single Child From £100 per night
Twins From £140 per night payable directly to the nanny
Triplets From £160 per night payable directly to the nanny
Other requirements On negotiation

Maternity Nurse

Single Child From £140 - £160 per 24 hours
Twins/Multiples From £140 - £210 per 24 hours

Please note that prices may change depending on location of the client and the experience of the individual maternity nurse.

VAT is NOT applicable for any of Cocoon's services.

Sleep Consultant

If your baby is over five months old, is on solids and has sleep problems, we have experienced sleep trainers who with just an initial consultation can solve any sleep problems the child may have. †

Initial Visit From £200 to £250 consultation (approx 2 hrs) and unlimited telephone advice
24 period or Per Night £15 per hour
Telephone Consultation From £150 to £225 (approx 2 hrs) and unlimited telephone advice.

Breast-Feeding Specialist

Initial Visit From £100 per consultation excluding travel expenses plus £50 registration fee
Follow up Visits† If the councillor is required to stay for an additional period then the fees are charged from £15 per hour.

Super Nanny

Initial Visit From £60 for approximately 1 hour

Pregnancy & Postnatal Packages

Price Per Session £70 (minimum of 10 sessions which can be taken during or after pregnancy)

Food delivery

5 Days/ 2 Meals: £155
5 Days/ 3 Meals: £200

10 Days/ 2 Meals: £290
10 Days/ 3 Meals: £380

20 Days/ 2 Meals: £540
20 Days/ 3 Meals: £720

Public Holidays

Cocoon's team reserve the right to charge double fees on Public Holidays.